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Let Hoof & Fang Audio produce your audiobook

Whether you are a self-published author or an independent press, Hoof & Fang wants to bring your story to life in audio. Over the last 10 years, the share of US adults who listen to audiobooks has grown by more than 100%, growing by double digits every year. In 2022, over 45% of Americans had listened to an audiobook at least once. Audiobooks have become a popular and profitable part of the publishing industry

While audiobooks have become more popular, they haven't become any less expensive to produce. Here's the hard truth:

Audiobooks aren't always a good investment for authors who haven't established themselves in the marketplace.

But the alternative being offered by some production companies, letting a robot read your book for you, isn't the solution. Not only because it produces an inferior product, but also because it still won't be affordable for some. And even once the audiobook is produced, retailers take a huge chunk of the profits from sales, making recouping your investment harder, regardless of the upfront cost.

Hoof & Fang offers a no-cost alternative that still uses a human voice.
We distribute the audiobook for one year to our Patreon subscribers and through our online store.
Hoof & Fang produces your audiobook at no cost to you.
At the end of that year, you own the audio & earn 100% royalties on sales through traditional audiobook sellers.
Hoof & Fang will NOT distribute through online retailers like Audible,, Kobo, etc. When you re-inherit the audiobook rights, you will be the first person to bring the audiobook to the marketplace, and you decide where it's made available.
How does this compare to other options for independent authors & publishers?

You typically have to choose from one of three options to produce an audiobook:

  1. You hire and pay a narrator upfront. When complete, you own the audio and collect 100% of the royalties from sales through whichever distribution platform you choose. 

  2. You hire a narrator and share royalties. When complete, you typically split any royalties 50/50 with the narrator, but at most this means you receive 20% of the profit as determined by Amazon. For any other retailer, your portion is smaller.

  3. A production company buys your audio rights. Depending on the company, you may get an advance for letting them make the audiobook. You may also receive a portion of royalties once your advance has earned out.

All of these are perfectly valid options for producing an audiobook. Hoof & Fang is just offering another option that we hope makes producing audiobooks possible for those who can't or prefer not to use these three traditional paths. We also believe that we bring with us a built-in audience/market for your work: our podcast listeners & Patreon subscribers.

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Want Hoof & Fang to produce your audiobook?

All applications will be considered. We are currently producing one audiobook per month. If you aren't contacted immediately, you may still be under consideration for a future project. You can contact us with questions or concerns at

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