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An ordinary podcast about extraordinary queer stories.

Welcome to Hoof & Fang, a captivating podcast that takes you on a thrilling journey through the vast universe of queer science fiction and fantasy stories. Join your hosts, passionate aficionados of speculative fiction and advocates for LGBTQ+ representation, Kirt Graves and Maz Maddox, as they delve into the multidimensional worlds where queer characters, narratives, and themes shine brightly.

Each episode offers in-depth discussions, insightful interviews with visionary authors and creators, and thought-provoking analysis of the genre's most groundbreaking works. Whether you're a seasoned sci-fi fan or a newcomer curious about diverse storytelling, Hoof & Fang invites you to explore the uncharted territories where imagination and queerness intersect, expanding your horizons and celebrating the limitless possibilities of the queer human experience. Tune in and let your imagination soar beyond the stars!

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